How Professional Photography Can Be Your Home's Secret Weapon

How Professional Photography Can Be Your Home's Secret Weapon

  • David Jampolsky
  • 07/5/22

You might be moving to another city for a grand adventure or into a larger home as your family grows. However, you need to sell your home before you can take the next steps. Selling your home isn't always an easy endeavor.

You need to get your home ready to sell and find the real estate agent who partners with you to get the best asking price for your home. There is a secret weapon you might not know about. Did you know a professional photographer can be your home's best shot at earning top dollar?

This guide highlights the ways that professional photography can be your home's secret weapon.

Attracts interest in your home

When someone is ready to buy a home in your area, they start by looking online at various real estate websites. Here, they can view homes in their price range and the area where they want to live. There can be dozens of available homes at any given time.

The potential buyers begin by looking at photographs of each home to select the homes they want to see in person. They also use these photographs to eliminate homes from the list of potentials.

If you try to take photos of your home by yourself, you might find your home is getting eliminated from the list more often than it should. A professional photographer knows how to take photos that make your home stand out from the rest.

This leads to more prospective buyers touring your home in person. You want as many qualified buyers as possible touring your home, so you can sell your home quickly and at the price point, you want.

Makes rooms look more spacious

A professional photographer knows all the tricks of the trade, and these include making a room look bigger. When you bought your home, you probably toured a few homes, and you chose them based on their photos, likely.

This is because photographers know how to frame a shot to make areas feel more spacious. From taking photos from a higher vantage point to standing in a corner to shoot a picture, photographers know all of the tricks.

There are things that you can do to help the photographer make the rooms look bigger. This is called staging. It might mean renting furniture or a storage unit to store excess items that make cabinets and areas look overcrowded.

While your home probably has plenty of space, you want it to look bigger to attract more potential buyers. You want them to choose your home for a tour, so they can fall in love with it as you did.

Highlight unique details of your home

More and more, it seems like newer homes are carbon copies of the houses closest to them. This makes it essential that your home stands out among all the other properties for sale in your neighborhood or local area.

Do you have a window seat? Do you have a rain shower with a seat? What makes your home special? A professional photographer will ask these questions and based on the answers you provide, the photographer will highlight the special attributes of your home.

In many cases, the real estate agent provides the photographer with a list and quantity of pictures they want of your home. If you feel like something has been left off the list, you should talk to your realtor and photographer before they finish the photo shoot.

You want the uniqueness of your home to jump off the screen when potential buyers look at the photos of your house. A professional photographer can frame the shot, so your home's unique features are the center of the photo.

Generate a buzz around your home

In the modern world, if you want to sell something, you need the help of social media. This includes platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. To make a splash on these social media platforms, it's essential that you have photographs.

The pictures you take on your phone may not get noticed on social media if they aren’t superb quality. If you want to get your home noticed on social media — and you do — you need a professional photographer to curate the photos of your home.

From lighting to centering a photo, a professional photographer knows how to turn your home into a magical place in their photographs. These beautiful photos will generate a buzz around your home. When your photos hit social media, you want them to trend, so as many prospective buyers as possible will see the pictures.

As one person notices the photos of your home, they'll share the photos or comment on them and up the popularity of the photos. Social media platforms tend to have a snowball effect, and the algorithm pushes posts that are favored by viewers. This is the buzz you need to sell your home and maximize your investment in your property.

Helps potential buyers see themselves living in your space

As a prospective buyer looks at photographs of your home, you want them to picture themselves and their family living there. You want them to be able to see themselves cooking meals on the holidays and enjoying a family night in the theater room.

When a potential buyer sees themselves living a magical life in your home, it makes them more likely to take the next step and ask to take a tour of it. You want the person to see your home and make an offer, and this starts with the buyer looking at the photos of your home.

A professional photographer puts their skills to good use, creating images that help potential buyers envision their life in your home. This is a task few homeowners can accomplish with their own photographs.

Hides the unappealing aspects

You don't like to think about but there are almost certainly a few unappealing aspects hidden among the beauty in your home. It might be a guest bedroom that's too small or an undeveloped area in your outdoor space.

When a professional photographer shoots photos of your home, they know what the prospective buyers are looking for in a new home. They can take the less favorable areas and present them in the best light possible.

If it's not possible to make these details look better, then the photographer can shoot around them. The potential buyers won't see them until they come to your home already in love with the space.

The goal is always to get prospective buyers to view the home in person. You don't want the person to eliminate your home from their list because of a few small details.

Provides a seamless tour of your home

The challenge with pictures of a home for sale is making it seem like a tour of the home. You see photos of individual rooms, but it's hard to tell where one room sits in relation to another. It can be frustrating for the potential buyer.

A professional photographer knows how to create a congruous effect, so it feels like the person is moving from one room to the next. The photographer might center photos, so the viewer can see the hallway outside or a brief glimpse of the kitchen beyond, so the viewer can see it's an open floor plan.

If you take pictures of your home on your own, you're likely to miss these little details or make it too obvious that you're trying to provide a seamless experience. This look and feel of touring a home only come with years of experience photographing homes.

This might seem like a trivial detail, but remember, the goal is always to get a potential buyer to take the next step and schedule a tour of your property. Professional photographers are experts at creating photos that invigorate buyers to take the next step.

List your home with a real estate agent you can trust

When you're ready to sell your home, the right real estate agent can also make a huge difference in the time it takes to sell your home and the final offer you accept. It's a big choice that has long-term ramifications for your family.

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