A Guide To Tiburon and Belvedere

A Guide To Tiburon and Belvedere

  • David Jampolsky
  • 03/28/22

The Tiburon peninsula, with Belvedere's lovely little island neighborhood, is a unique part of California that offers locals a rare, cozy lifestyle in all the bustle of the congested, highly trafficked Southwest coast. Both Belvedere homes for sale and Tiburon real estate are impressive investments that you could enjoy for decades. So, if you’re contemplating retiring or settling your family down in this corner of the Sunshine State, we’ve got a great written tour to help you learn about the area.


Photo courtesy of Belvedere-Tiburon Landmarks Society
When looking for Tiburon real estate, it’s important to know that the great outdoors matters quite a bit to the people in this area. Whether it's a hobby or a great view, Tiburon residents protect and enjoy their wildlife. Visit Blackie’s Pasture, Richardson Bay Audubon Center (a haven for bay birds), and the Old St. Hilary’s Open Space to explore some great parks and nature preserves. If you want an example of what kind of wonders these places offer, Old St. Hilary's has been open since 1888 and protects over 200 types of seed-bearing plant life. People can enjoy nature and culture (which we’ll mention later below).

If trails are more your style, Perimeter Road and Fishbits Trailhead give you a unique view of Tiburon and Belvedere.

Being a peninsula, the area also boasts tremendous beach-side locations only a few minutes-drive from Belvedere homes for sale. This includes the beautiful Paradise Beach Park and Schomer Cove. You can also become an honorary local by finding and taking a picture with Tiburon’s Hippie Tree.


Photo courtesy of Destination Tiburon
Despite being such a cozy little community, Tiburon still has years of culture and history to share with its residents. If you want to grow close to your new home, head to the Railroad & Ferry Depot Museum or the P.S. China Cabin Social Saloon to learn this area’s history as a transportation hub. These great historical locations reside within the Old St. Hilary’s Open Space, founded to give comfort and a place of worship to railroad workers. Explore the entire grounds, and you might find even more nuggets of history.

If you want to get a little more stone and cannon with your local history lessons, head to Fort McDowell and Lyford’s Stone Tower to see how Cali investors defended their peninsula long before Tiburon properties were ever built. From the tower, you can see across the water to Angel’s Island and the infamous Alcatraz itself.


Photo courtesy of Eater SF, Sam’s Anchor Cafe
You can’t enjoy a water-side city without indulging in delicious beachy eats. When it comes to the food near Belvedere homes for sale, few places are better than Sam’s Anchor Cafe. This eatery is known for its fresh fish and is a staple of the Tiburon community. Sam’s even holds a weekly “Lil’ Market,” setting up a little picnic and selling charcuterie boards, seafood cocktails, poke bowls, and an assortment of souvenirs.

But if Sam’s is too busy or you want to try something new, there are quite a few other tasty restaurants around the Tiburon and Belvedere area. This includes the iconic Luna Blu, the zesty flavors from Lola’s Taqueria, the crisp and fresh baked goods from the Rustic Bakery, and the cozy Tiburon Tavern, serving breakfast, burgers, steaks, salmon, and more.

Angel’s Island

Across the water from the Tiburon peninsula is Angel’s Island, a lovely little tourist destination covered in camping spots, hiking trails, and local history. Head to the Tiburon Ferry a little ways away from Belvedere homes for sale and take a slow, beautiful ship ride to the island itself. Once there, decide if you want to stay near beautiful beaches like Sand Spring Beach or Quarry Beach. If not, head deeper inland toward the Angel Island State Park and Mt. Livermore.

While you explore the island, you’ll find historical spots and campgrounds like Camp Reynolds and Kayak Camp. And don’t worry, if you didn’t bring all the snacks you need for camping, you could get some supplies at Angel’s Island Coffee. Then, head back across the water to your Tiburon real estate when your trip is complete.

Anytime your family wants a little getaway, but the plans are last minute, or you need to save money, just head to the island instead. Angel Island is truly the nicest little mini-getaway for any Tiburon/Belvedere local. 


While everything about Tiburon and Belvedere seems like a little coastal dream, it’s not for everyone, mainly because living there is so expensive. Belvedere homes for sale cost millions of dollars — one of the lowest on the market recently was a one-bedroom, 670-square-foot  townhouse worth $557,000. On average, the median home value of Tiburon real estate is over $2,000,000 compared to the national average of $295,000. There’s no way around it; you have to cough up some serious dough to become the owner of one of these water-bound, picturesque homes.

However, if money is no problem, the Tiburon lifestyle is unique and special. The population sits a little over a cozy 9,000, and it feels like a much smaller community than it should be. The people are friendly, the beaches are beautiful, and the views are even better. Belvedere island is just a swanky neighborhood that gets to exist as its tiny community. Then you just drive across the bridge to enjoy Tiburon and all the great amenities it offers. Once you live there, you can enjoy the San Francisco Yacht Club and all the other wonderful amenities from the comfort of your Tiburon real estate.

If you love the idea of a cozy, nature-loving, historical landmark of a peninsula, the Belvedere and Tiburon lifestyle is for you. If you’re ready to make this your new home, reach out to local agent David Jampolsy for information on properties for sale.

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